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Central Community College (CCC) is leading a partnership of five Nebraska community colleges including Metropolitan Community College (MCC), Southeast Community College (SCC), Northeast Community College (Northeast), and Western Nebraska Community College (WNCC) in a project to expand and improve their abilities to deliver education and career training programs to U.S. Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) eligible workers, veterans, unemployed and underemployed workers, and traditional students.

Project IMPACT aims to increase the achievement of certifications, credentials, diplomas, and degrees through blended learning by combining experienced instructors, advanced labs, and modern technology through a new Diversified Manufacturing Technology Certificate.


The Nebraska Diversified Manufacturing Technology Certificate offers courses that align with the nationally-recognized Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) Certified Production Technician (CPT) credential featuring:

  • Introduction to Industrial Safety
  • Introduction to Quality and Continuous Improvement
  • Introduction to Manufacturing Technology
  • Introduction to Maintenance Technology

Project IMPACT will use a unique blended learning approach in the courses, including 3D/4D graphic simulations of manufacturing equipment and industrial environments, a traditional classroom experience, and online coursework. Mathematics, reading comprehension, and writing will also be covered in the context of the certificate courses for those needing a refresher.

Personal Coaching

Unique support is offered to each of our students through a Participant Coach, whose goal is to support students both academically and personally in their individual endeavors.  Services include academic advising, one-on-one personal coaching, and opportunities hosted throughout the year to help students obtain skills across a wide variety of topics such as financial planning, goal-setting, resume writing, interviewing, problem-solving, conflict resolution, leading a balanced life, stress management, teamwork, and being a successful employee.

Cognitive and physical assessments are also available as part of our program.  Students will have an exclusive opportunity to participate in a PsyCap session, which will introduce them to thinking about their goals in a new light by discussing their past successes and how they were achieved, walking through potential barriers that could arise, and finally creating a plan to reach their ultimate goal.  Another distinctive element of Project IMPACT our students can take advantage of is our ERGOS assessment, where the student will perform a series of everyday tasks that would be similar to their job functions in industry.  After the tasks are complete, the students will receive a report discussing the strengths and weaknesses that were found and how that will affect them in their chosen field of study.

Second Life®

Second Life® is a Virtual 3D environment in which we plan to create an island that will house several manufacturing facilities. Students will be able to tour the island and participate in activities that align with their classes in the Diversified Manufacturing Technology Certificate. Examples of these activities include exploring potential jobs in manufacturing related careers, interactive quizzes, lectures, workshops, study groups, and more.


Dan Davidchik
Project Manager
Central Community College
1-877-222-0780 Ext. 1408

Sue Baer
Administrative Assistant
Central Community College
1-877-222-0780, Ext. 1425

Robert Caldwell
Site Coordinator
Metropolitan Community College

Shanelle Grudzinski
Site Coordinator
Northeast Community College

Audra Podliska
Site Coordinator
Southeast Community College

Doug Mader
Site Coordinator
Western Nebraska Community College

Central Community College
Metropolitan Community College
Northeast Community College
Southeast Community College
Western Nebraska Community College
University of Nebraska at Lincoln

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The consortium of institutions which comprise Project IMPACT are equal opportunity/affirmative action institutions.